FoAM videos re. plants, vegetal experience

FoAM videos re. plants, vegetal experience

Snoepwinkel: Inner Space

Borrowed Scenery: Silent Dialogues

Borrowed Scenery: Opening Electrified

Inner Garden
Stevie Wishart, Martin Howse, Viriditas Community Choir
International Society of Patobotany

FoAM and Vooruit join voices to create an inter-species choir, where plants and humans chant an ode to the greening force of nature and its continuous cycles of growth and decay. Visitors' voices and movement through the gardens complete the piece as a musical invocation to Hildegard's Viriditas - infinite greenness. From sunrise to sunset the choir filled the Victoriakas with sonic musings in Hildegard's unknown language: a lullaby sending nature to its winter sleep.