On vegetal life and vegetal experience.


    • Growing food for TML associates during the 2011-12 fall/winter season
    • Building a RepRap Mendel 3D printer
    • Building an automatic watering system for the Topological Media Lab's garden
    • 2010 Reading group: Spinoza, Bateson, Guattari, Stengers, Simondon (Laura Boyd-Clowes, Adrian Freed, et al)
    • 2010-2012 PLSS (Morgan Sutherland, Laura Boyd Clowes et al): is an interdisciplinary collaboration between undergraduates, members of the Topological Media Lab, and various colleagues abroad. Broadly, we are turning a critical eye to the practice of urban gardening by producing our own technically-assisted urban garden experiments inside the EV building at Concordia. The project has diverse goals
      • experimenting with human-plant ecologies,
      • designing technical systems for sensing plant health and delivering sustenance (water, light, nutrients), 
      • critically inquiring into hard questions of environmental ethics,
      • working to create a living human/non-human community in the EV building,
      • all the while trying to take a thoroughly Guattarian approach, building the system as a laboratory for the production of new subjectivites, as a machinic assemblage with ethico-aesthetic impact.
      • PLSS mailing list
    • Final TML Seminar 2013-14 Michael Marder, Goethe
    • PLSS renamed vegetal
    • 2014: Serra Oana Suteu Khintirian, Ginette Laurin, Sha Xin Wei, with media artists Todd Ingalls, Julian Stein, (prototype sessions w Evan Montpellier) performance + responsive environment

    For directed questions, feel free to contact shaxinwei@gmail.com