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Nina i’ve added you as Contributor.

Here again is Oana’s description of the lovely set idea, minimally edited:

Entering the space, one sees a bright overarching ceiling and on the ground a series of reflective surfaces, or luminous ‘pools’. The ceiling is a large projection surface on which one perceives images of plants in motion taken from a low angle perspective (as if we were lying half a meter below the ground). However, the proximity to the ceiling should make it difficult to clearly read the images when standing up. From this position, one should be prompted to rather turn their sight towards the floor. On the floor, the pools of water reflect the same accelerated images of plants seen on the ceiling, yet stopping to look at them triggers the images to slow down to the threshold of barely perceptible motion, plant movement as perceived in human time. The surrounding walls are dark and the floor is occasionally vibrating from the stimuli retransmitted by transducers, which makes the water surface ripple at times. On the ground, large cushions (or a slight ramp) invites the passerby to rest. If one lays down, they can clearly see looking up the plants moving, reacting to one another and to the presence of the observers. From this perspective, where the human body is at rest, one sees the movement in another temporality, plant time

Maybe 5  lotus pad sized reflecting pools, in any case roughly as many pools as # people in room’s idea capacity 

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hi all,

Let me share with you the new concept for the design of SRRA_ripe and please let me know what your think! Would a quick skype on Friday be possible?